Push-Pull Rally Shifter

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Magnetic Push-Pull Rally shifter manufactured by Simnet to BOLORI and HISPEEDSIM designated quality standards. CNC machined aluminum body, carbon fiber blade with a size of 20cm and 15mm neodymium magnets that offer a dry and realistic feel.

Mono shifter (push/pull) are mainly used in rallying and allow the driver to easily upshift or downshift with one hand regardless of the steering wheel position, they can also be ideal for those who have a rim without a pushbutton pad and want a quick and easy gear shifting add-on.

The kit includes:

Carbon fiber blade size
– Magnet Push-pull system with aluminum housing and 15mm neodymium magnets.
– USB cable type A-B 1.5m + Switchboard (no software required). Directly recognized as a gaming peripheral.
– Anodized aluminum parts and adapters.
– Mounting kit + screws.


Simagic Alpha Mini, Alpha, Alpha Ultimate
Simucube 1 and 2, Sport, Pro, Ultimate.
Fanatec DD1, DD2, DDPro, CSL DD, ClubSport DD.

Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally, WRC EA, Iracing, Automovilista, Raceroom, ETS2, Forza Horizon and many more.

Possibility to adapt it with its own brackets to your chassis or other custom brackets to make it compatible with your steering wheel.